September 11, 2017


We dont just think our services are the best..

We Build You a Team

Our representatives will work closely with you and hand-pick the agents that will be working on your campaign. We monitor our agent's performance and make sure that only the best will be part of your team

24-Hour Service

All of our services are run at 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to make sure that no matter where, who, or when you are calling, we will be ready to provide that service for you.

International Calling

We have many agents that are multilingual and can call all over the world for you! This ensures that no matter where you need our service, we can still provide you with the best quality


Our team is trained with professionalism in mind. The people that we contact on your behalf can be guaranteed to be left with a positive impression of your company and vision

Our Services..

Outbound Sales

Our experienced sales team will sell your product as if it were their own. We give our agents daily performance reviews and quotas to make sure that we create as many sales as possible. Your sales are our sales.

Inbound Sales

Our sales team is also capable of fielding calls and handling them in a manner in which will result in the best possible outcome. We understand these are high converting sales and we handle them with care.

Targeted Leads

We can generate targeted leads for whatever campaign you are running. We will work with you to come up with our formula for quanity plus quality. We strive to get you an abundance of strong leads.

Customer Support

Our customer support team speaks multiple languages and are groomed to be  polite and courteous. We want to make sure the customers you already have know that they are genuinely supported by you.

Lead Qualification

Our teams can follow a script and follow it well. We can qualify any of your sales or leads to be compliant within whatever industry regulations that you encounter.


Maybe this is your first call center endeavor. We can work with you and come up with a script and campaign that fits your needs and boost your sales and customer engagement.

E-mail Response

Our email response system is non-automated and handled delicately. We have a specialized e-mail response team that can handle digital messaging sales and customer support.

Energy Deregulation

Energy has been our specialty for years. Our infrastructure and knowledge leads to massive sales for whatever state that you are trying to sell in!

Next Steps...

Now that you know how Premier Offshore can help you, let us know that we can help.